§ 5 ECG

General information pursuant to § 5 E-Commerce-Law:
Ospelt & Partner Attorneys at Law Ltd.
Landstrasse 99
P.O. Box 532
9494 Schaan
Principality of Liechtenstein

Phone +423 236 19 19
Fax +423 236 19 15
Mail info(at)ospelt-law.li

Commercial Register Number: FL-0002.285.452-4

The disciplinary authority over lawyers is exercised by the Princely Court of Appeal.

Ospelt & Partners Attorneys at Law is a member of the Liechtenstein Chamber of Lawyers (RAK): www.rak.li 

Ospelt & Partner Attorneys at Law are regulated in particular under the following laws and regulations (www.gesetze.liwww.rak.li): Law on Lawyers; Regulation on the bar exam; Regula- tion on the aptitude test for lawyers from the EEA; Lawyers’ tariff act; Lawyers’ tariff regulation; Professional guidelines and fee guidelines of RAK.