Civil Law

We provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of civil law. Our legal experts will support you in matters of contract law – in particular in the drafting of contracts, the evaluation and contestation of legal agreements – as competently as in the fields of liability law, tort law, insurance law, family law, employment law and property law. We represent your legal interests before courts of law and authorities and also ensure that your claims are enforced out of court.


  • General Law of Obligations and Contract Law
  • Liability Law
  • Civil Procedure Law
  • Tenancy Law
  • Employment Law
  • Property Law
  • Insolvency Law and Execution Law
  • Inheritance Law and Succession Planning
  • Family Law
  • International Private Law
  • Insurance Contract Law

Main areas of activity

  • Enforcing your employment law claims
  • Drafting legal agreements in all fields of law
  • Executing and enforcing your contractual claims
  • Legal opinions on issues of the law of obligations
  • Court representation in contractual disputes
  • Legal opinions on issues in civil procedure and arbitration law
  • Enforcing your legal claims, inter alia by payment order, order to open a case, arbitration award, etc.
  • Advice on insolvency law issues
  • Representation in insolvency proceedings and assertion of your claims
  • Activity as official insolvency administrator
  • Enforcing your claims for personal injury, property damage and financial loss
  • Representation during out-of-court negotiations and in court proceedings to enforce or defend against claims for damages
  • Preparation of legal opinions on questions of international jurisdiction of courts, applicable law as well as recognition and enforcement of rulings of foreign courts and arbitration tribunals
  • Preparing and assessing tenancy agreements
  • Advice on the rights and obligations of the tenant/landlord, on remedying defects during the rental period and damage to the rental property, advice in the event of change of ownership, etc.